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Floorsafe NZ have been taking care of NZ  stair, ramp, deck and floor safety since 2008

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Trips, slips and falls are the cause of thousands of injuries in the workplace and at home every year.

Accidents do happen – so the best thing you can do is your best to prevent them. There’s no need to put yourself and others at risk of injury! You really can make a difference!

Commercial & Industrial
“Duty of Care” must be taken by all employers, managers and landlords. Under the Occupational Health and Safety requirements you could be responsible should a slip/fall occur.

Workplace Health & Safety is a priority. You have to take the opportunity to prevent slip accidents by being proactive and using tools like non slip treatments so you don’t spend your hard earned money and profits on higher ACC levies.

In 2011 ACC have reintroduced Experience Rating so those slip accidents you have today could cost you even more in years to come. Most organisations understand the direct costs of a Lost Time Injury (LTI) but have no idea how much they are spending on indirect costs.

Domestic & Residential
Our Anti-Slip solutions are ideal to use around the home: Bathroom, kitchen, laundry, entranceway, stairs, decks, patio, bbq area, and pool surround. Creating a safe non slip environment will make sure your family are not at risk in their own home. With falls being the biggest cause of injury in the home take out family insurance with a simple non slip treatment.

At the Workplace

More than 31% of workplace accidents occur due to slippery floors, ramps and stairs. Our award winning New Zealand anti-slip floor treatments create the additional grip you need to make your workplace or environment a safer place for employees and visitors.

Service Areas

It’s crucial to take the time and care to design an environment that prevents slips, trips, falls and other accidents. Floorsafe NZ specialises in creating non-slip, safe environments in the warehouse, workshop, deck, paths, office, bathroom, kitchen and almost anywhere else.

Around the Home

Prevent accidents and injuries in your home with our non-slip flooring solutions. Floorsafe NZ offers eco-friendly, mild and unobtrusive products for the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, shower, pool surround, patio, deck, path or anywhere else in the home.

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