Grip Tape in Yellow


Floorsafe NZ
100mm yellow grip tape

$49.00 - $99.00

 (EX. GST)

Available in 18.3 metre rolls at widths of  50mm and 100mm 

Easy to apply self adhesive tape with anti-slip surface.

Suitable for stairs, slippery surfaces, ramps

Available in 18.3 metre rolls widths of 50mm and100mm

Anti-Slip Standard Tape colours: Black, Yellow, Hazard

Duty of Care” is a requirement for all employers, managers and landlords to provide a safe working and living environment under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Failure to do so could leave you responsible should an accident occur. Prevent accidents in the home or workplace with us at Floorsafe NZ. Organise a free quote from one of our qualified technicians and talk to us about our wide range of anti-slip flooring solutions as well as our stair nosing and other specialised safety products. Save yourself or someone else the pain and cost of an injury or fall in your home or workplace by contacting us at Floorsafe NZ.


“A tiled ramp leading to our entrance to the Club was very slippery, especially when wet. We had it anti slip treated by Floorsafe NZ and are very impressed with the result achieved and with their efficient service.”


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