Grip Tapes

Our range of self-adhesive and anti-slip Grip Tapes are top quality, durable and easy to apply to nearly any surface.

We stock a range of industrial colours and checker plate compatible tape at Floorsafe NZ. Preventing injuries from slips and falls is one of ACC’s top priorities in New Zealand. New initiatives dictating workplace safety requirements mean now is the perfect time to help prevent accidents with this easy-to-use, durable and effective anti-slip Grip Tape.

Grip Tapes

Grip Tape Checker-Plate - Black

Grip Tape Checker-Plate - Hazard

Grip Tape in Yellow

Grip Tape In Black

Grip Tape In Hazard

Floor Safety

Trips, slips and falls are the cause of thousands of injuries at home and in the workplace every year.

Accidents do happen – so the best thing you can do is try to prevent them. There’s no need to put yourself and others at risk of injury! You really can make a difference!



A Solution for every floor
Whether on the floor, up a ramp or on the stairs, Floorsafe NZ has the solution for you no matter what the surface. So easy to use you can do-it-yourself or hire a handyman.

Commercial & Industrial
Workplace Health & Safety is a priority as thousands of dollars are spent on injuries everyday. Prevent slip accidents and higher ACC levies by being proactive with Floorsafe NZ’s products.

Residential & Domestic
Falls are the biggest cause of injury in the home. Make YOUR home safe for family and friends with Floorsafe NZ’s specialty products designed for the high risk indoor and outdoor areas.


“We have a few tiled areas at the properties. Novotel Rotorua Lakeside is a 12 year old building and we had ongoing problems with slippery tiles at the entry doors. Floorsafe came to the rescue and treated all the tiled areas with an anti slip treatment. The results were immediate and we have not had any incidents since the treatment was done. The entire main entrance to the adjacent property Hotel Ibis Rotorua, has tiles on the outside and is exposed to the elements. ”


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